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The Brownstein-Louis Bldg

The Brownstein-Louis Bldg’s original ornate facade was altered in the late 50’s to adopt its current Art Deco appearance. It has horizontal rotating pivot windows facing the street and an interior courtyard garden. Balconies overlooking an interior light well are in selected lofts.

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The Connell Bldg

The Connell Bldg is a five-story Modern structure located on the corner of 7th and Los Angeles Streets. It has a streamline facade with fluted piers that echo between paired windows with heavy concreteframe construction and are characteristic of the early

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The Bailey Hat Bldg

The Bailey Hat Bldg was named after the Bailey Hat Company that originally operated in the structure. Located behind the Connell Building, it can be identified by its wall-size steel-grid factory windows that were designed for maximum light and ventilation.

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The Santee Bldg

The Santee Bldg was the last of the four structures to be built and presents a different feel than the other three, although it retains the heavy concrete-frame construction and ornamental exterior details of the other three buildings. The Santee Bldg features both a north

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